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Judi FroehlingerSchlichter

Associate Partner

My lifelong passion has been handmade fiber art creations of vibrant color, texture and design. My work began with traditional and contemporary quitting, which quickly blossomed in many different directions, to include freeform weaving. Saori is an art of handweaving that emphasizes creativity and free expression. There are no rules or samples to follow, and no mistakes – only possibilities! This highly unique and creative approach allows me to fashion works intended to nurture and inspire both the artist and her audience.  One of my passions is blending an array of hand dyed wool roving into one-of-a-kind handspun art yarns. I also produce machine embroidered art landscapes, freeform knitting, fiber art felted pieces and handwoven wearable art from my loom.

Here you will find a wonderful opportunity to experience my unique textual fiber art. Offerings include colorful scarves, wraps, cowls, ascots, pillows, home goods, throws and small tapestries, as well as hand sewn Saori clothing. They are handwoven using a variety of handspun art yarns, novelty yarns, and fabrics. Each new creation is a source of color and bliss – hence the name of my business Color My Bliss!

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