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Melinda Byrd

Byrdcall Studio

Woodbine, Maryland

Melinda’s life has been focused on two ways of seeing:  Art through the eyes of a naturalist and Nature through the eyes of an artist.  After working 15 years in Carroll County’s Nature Centers sharing her love of the natural world, she has spent the last 18 years expressing her experiences through art in diverse media.  Look through her offerings here at Off Track Art, and you will see sketches, acrylic and watercolor paintings, linocuts, and woodcuts.  Feel the magic of the moment when you look at her art through her eyes when you can capture that moment of discovery as she did.


Recently, her emphasis has shifted to reviving the dying art of “rya rug making” from Scandinavia through sharing lessons learned from her grandparents as well as decades of practice.  Yet print-making, such as the works shown in her portfolio here, will always remain the works she most enjoys sharing in the gallery.  She found a wide-ranging audience for her print-making work when she began hand-rubbing her art from carved and inked block to shirt fabric.


Melinda Byrd was among the founding members of Off Track Art in 2009.  She is a resident of Woodbine, Maryland where she lives with her husband, John, their black lab Gypsy, and a cadre of wildlife that is drawn to their backyard habitat

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