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Nicole Diem is a graduate of Towson University with a Masters in Art Education, she has been an art educator for over 24 years. She is a ceramics teacher at McDaniel and has taught at Century High School in Carroll County where she has taught for the past 18 years. Nicole is a partner at the “Off Track Art Gallery” in Westminster and has work on display at the Clayground in Ellicott City. She participates in several artisan shows throughout the year.

Although I am a functional potter and make everyday ware, I am also a decorative potter and have participated in the Carroll County Artists Studio tour for over 10 years as a guest Raku artist and demonstrator at Shiloh Pottery in Hampstead. There I create my trademark Raku pottery of horse hair and peacock feathers delicately burned into white and pastel colored pottery. People come from all over to participate in the actual firing process bringing their own horse’s hair to commemorate their deceased horse or pay tribute to their living animal friend. Offering this opportunity and experience is a rare treasure and gift to not only me but, also to those dedicating precious memories.

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