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Ona Martin

Ona outdoor selfie copy.jpg

Artist's Statement  Throughout a satisfying career in biological research, I had been simultaneously studying and applying the classical oil painting techniques of the Old Masters. At Hogpen Art Studio, I frequently scout around our 1880’s farmhouse, barn, and outbuildings for ideas for landscapes and still lives.

Although I often use new modern frames, I also find, collect, and restore antique frames and design some paintings so that the frame complements my overall concept. Sometimes the frames themselves can suggest the subject and composition of the painting!

             Commissions for custom oil paintings are always welcome! If you have a photo or idea that you would like to bring to life, email me to start a conversation:

Morning Peace copy.JPG
Smokehouse in Winter copy.jpg
Crowned Prince copy.jpg
Catnip Bliss copy.jpg
Me and My Shadow copy.jpg
012220Saddlery copy.jpg
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