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Consignees at Off Track Art Gallery


Off Track Art has a large numbers of talented artists who display their creations as Consignees.  Our Consignees represent a balanced combination of local artistry which includes photography, mixed media, pottery, basketry, woodworking, jewelry, and painting.  You will find their works on display throughout the Gallery.  And, you can see examples of their work by selecting the Consignee link at the left and choosing a particular artist.

Off Track Art Gallery Consignment Artists

Al Bandy

Dan Bodrogi

Zach Bright

Nick Chomycia

Mary Jean Coles

Nicole Diem

Kevin Firmin

Phil Grout

Doug Heck

Jim Jamitis

Kim Jennings

Teri Koenig

Sandy Leishear

Lyndi McNulty

Paul Miller

Karen Peck

Michael Perlin

Sharon Schaeffer

Bob Schellhammer

Michael Seipp

Jacob Selmer

Pamela Short

Joseph Staup

Are you an artist looking for a place to exhibit your work?

For a low commission fee, you could display your work in the Gallery.  If you are interested, please contact us to start a conversation about the possibilities.

For more information and an application, please send email:  A copy of the Consignee Agreement is available for review upon request.


Thank you.

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