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at Off Track Art Gallery


March-April  3/1 - 4/28, 2019

Meet the Artists

Opening Reception Saturday, March 9, 4 - 7pm

More than Meats the Eye

Amber Maurer Farran & George Maurer

Amber Harte Maurer Farran

Beauty and Loss


I grew up at my father’s butcher shop and living on my grandfather & uncle’s dairy farm. I have always felt very passionate about local agriculture, its importance to American culture, and its survival for future generations. I draw and paint what I know, and what I think is important to our society. When I’m not at work as a graphic designer, drawing, painting, or taking photos, I enjoy taking ballet lessons and hanging out with my husband, family, and corgis.


I display the destruction of nature and agriculture and its importance to American culture. My art depicts both Mother Nature and the local agriculturalist, along with the difficulties both face competing with the corporate man. Destruction of nature is represented by the omission of the environment; farm and forest animals are rendered on a white abyss. Counter to the removal of naturally occurring art, the pieces focusing on agricultural skills and trades, specifically butchery, bring to light these disappearing artisans. This catalog of endangered Americana is my attempt to remind us that what we have may not always be if it is cast aside.


May - June  5/3 - 6/30, 2019

Meet the Artist

Opening Reception Saturday, May 11, 4:30 - 6:30 pm


Sarah Gawens & Fred Nastvogel

Sarah's part reveals the devastating imbalance of nature and brevity of life thanks to the destructive nature of humanity. Their ethereal, dematerilialized forms reveal the potential of what they could have been before their lives were cut short.


Fred:  "Ideas are what got us out of the cave. I express them materially, in the nature of life's setting. In wood, mostly, on wood, with wood. Each outing instructs: texture, strength, species, finish. Tone, color, knots, cracks. Working in wood is much like marriage. Wood the compleat partner. To make the marriage work I need more Zen."

wood table chess drawer open.JPG
wood granddaughter.jpg
wood lotus seed.jpeg
wood self portrait.jpg
wood corner grpd.jpg
wood table chess pcs atop.JPG
wood tab 1.jpg
wood flwrs.jpg
wood table 2a.jpg
wood ambrosia 1.jpg
wood tablet.jpg
wood wall.jpg
wood corner bedrm revised.jpg

July - August  7/5 - 8/27, 2019

Meet the Artist

Opening Reception Saturday, July 6, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

"Opening Doors"

Thomas Sterner

Falling detail.JPG

September 6 - October 27, 2019

Partners' Fall Extravaganza:

Colors of Fall

Fall in love with the beauty of autumn

The Partners and consignors have teamed up to create a themed special exhibit honoring the colors of Fall! Exhibit will be on display from Friday Sept 6th-Sunday Oct 27th. We will have a small reception on Friday Sept 27th during Main Street’s Midnight Madness!  Don't miss it!


November 2019

Susan Riddick Bloom

iPhone Images

Susan Ruddick Bloom, has been an artist her entire life, starting classes at Maryland Institute College of Art at age 5. She went on to get her BFA and MFA degrees there. Her art career has taken her from courtroom illustration for newspaper and tv….to commissions… teaching photo workshops in the US and abroad ….to 34 years of being a professor and department chair at McDaniel College.


Now retired from McDaniel, Sue keeps up a busy schedule making and exhibiting her art and sharing her techniques with others through workshops at several institutions including Common Ground, Glen Echo National Park for the Arts, and Maine Media Workshops.


Traveling is high on Sue’s to-do list and she often heads up trips abroad for friends and alumni. She also teaches photo workshops to various sites throughout the US. Watch her web site  ( for upcoming trips and classes.


She is the author of three books for Focal Press, and is considered a pioneer in the field of digital fine art photography. She is especially known, throughout the world, for her creative approaches and techniques in the areas of Digital Collage and Digital Painting. Sue also writes for photo magazines in the US, Canada and Australia, and lectures throughout the mid-Atlantic.


This show features the creative work that can be done using your mobile phone. The cameras on phones have democratized photography for everyone. In today’s modern era everyone is a photographer. You don’t need a big, expensive camera and lenses to make beautiful images, ….just the phone in your pocket, with a bit of understanding of its’ inherent capabilities. Sue, a long-time advocate of iPhone photography, teaches classes on how to use this new tool to make more meaningful images. Again, consult her website for upcoming classes.

Bloom post card.jpeg

Seasonal Sensations

Nov. 29 - Dec. 24

Unique Holiday Gifts


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